- Special competence in adolescent health 2016


- Special competence in child welfare clinic and school health care 2003


- MD, Ph.D, at Helsinki University 1981


- Academic Dissertation at Helsinki University 12.5.1981


- Certificate, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1975


- Medical doctor, General practitioner 1974


Working history


- Doctor in family and youth counseling clinic of city Vantaa 1.6.2017-


- Medical officer at Helsinki Health Bureau 1.1.2010—31.7.2018


- Chief senior physician at Helsinki Health Bureau 1.4.2007—31.12.2009


- Medical officer at Helsinki Health Bureau 1.1.2005—31.3.2007


- Executive director, Children of the Station Association (Aseman Lapset ry) 1.9.1993-31.12.2004


- Editor-in-chief of Citari/Aseman Lapset- magazine 1.9.1993-31.12.2004


- Associate senior physician at Helsinki Health Bureau 1.7.1984-30.9.1985


- Medical officer at Helsinki Health Bureau 1.3.1978-31.12.1989


- Assistantship at the Department of Medical Chemistry at Helsinki University 1.6.1974.-9.9.1977


Other activity


- Member of the Board of Finnish Association for Adolescent Medicine 2013 –


- Member of the youth delinquency committee of Ministry of Justice 2001-2003


- Member of the Board of Trustees of the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation 2001- 


- Biography published in Marquis’ book Who’sWho in the World, U. S. A. 2000-2010


- Producer of a computer based sex education program for school children  1995 – 1997


- Member of the working group for 'Increasing the efficiency in preventing the young people's use

 of intoxicants 1992-1993


- President of the Finnish Federation of the Family Care Associations 1988-1992


- Member of the management group of Helsinki in the project of preventing suicides 1987-1990


- Leader of the development project on mental screening methods for call-up aged carried out in cooperation with the Medical Department of Defence Main Headquarters, the Military District of Helsinki and Helsinki Health Bureau 1984-1989


- Member of the working group for “Clearing up the contents of family care concerning child welfare and the welfare of mentally handicapped” organized by Social Administration 1984-1985